Gert van Alewijk and Bauke Buwalda are independent advisors in marketing of medicines. We are specialists in the field of marketing-communication, in setting up and executing pre-marketing projects and in managing pharmaceutical companies.

Professional and committed specialists with wide interests. Result driven, flexible, eager to learn and innovative. Our goal is to support pharmaceutical companies (in the Netherlands and abroad, big or small) with the construction and maintenance of the brands, in order to make an essential and measurable contribution to the aims of the organisation.


Pre-marketing projects

As soon as a new medicine gets in the picture at a company, a (junior) brand team is brought into action that is not well informed in the complexity relating to the introduction of a new medicine.

TwinPharma offers expert knowledge and decisiveness at lower costs than a full-time brand team that probably is not busy with the necessary pre-marketing activities all the time, but will also, for instance, maintain existing products.

The so-called pre-marketing concept involves that TwinPharma takes on the preparations that relate to the introduction of a new medicine in The Netherlands. TwinPharma can be your extra Brand team!


Interim Management

TwinPharma has been successful in executing various interim assignments since 2006. Where it concerns vacant positions, replacement during pregnancy leave or the filling of temporary posts (when you need additional hands during a ‘peak’), the TwinPharma team can be the solution. Professionals are always needed in case of an introduction of new indication / medicine, running huge projects or in a situation of understaffing. TwinPharma will put the right man on the right position. We have the expert knowledge and flexibility going for us to offer added value in marketing on different levels (middle and higher management).


Management / Board of Directors

Both Bauke Buwalda and Gert van Alewijk have broad experience in the pharmaceutical industry, (from 1999 onwards in Management Boards). Not only are we experts on the processes that concern the pharmaceutical industry, we have also been involved in processes of change and reorganisations. Therefore we are capable to survey an organisation in a short time and to provide the required impulses for (if necessary) better management. We keep the interests of both the company and of the employees in mind.

A number of organization have a clear need to retain their (talented) young professionals and make them ready for their next position. Proper coaching is essential and unfortunately this is lacking sometimes. TwinPharma offers tailor-made coaching solutions to convoy the talented young professional to the next level.

Hepatect CP

Hepatect CP contains mainly IgG with a specifically high content of antibodies against hepatitis B virus surface antigen.


Megalotect 100 E/ml

Megalotect 100 E/ml is an immunoglobulin preparation from plasma of donors with a high antibody titer against the cytomegalovirus.



Prevention of hepatitis B virus re-infection in HBsAg and HBV-DNA negative adult patients at least one week after liver transplantation for hepatitis B induced liver failure.


Interim & advice

Open positions, replacement or extra activities? TwinPharma can offer a solution.