Oxybutynine HCl Unimedic 0,5 mg/ml

New: Oxybutynine HCl Unimedic 0.5 mg / ml in 20ml, solution for intravesical use.

Finally, a registered oxybutynin bladder solution is now available in the Netherlands. And also 100% reimbursed without authorizations etc., simply available through the pharmacy.

The effectiveness and tolerability you know of oxybutynin bladder flushing, now “Made in Sweden”.

Oxybutynine HCl Unimedic 0,5 mg/ml

Oxybutynin HCl Unimedic 0.5mg / ml in 20ml is indicated for the treatment of frequent micturition, urge or urge incontinence as may occur with bladder overactivity due to neurogenic bladder disease. It is indicated for use in adults and children over 5 years of age.

For more information read the question and answers document and the useful user information.

Review the instruction video for the administration of the oxybutynine bladder solution.

Oxybutynine HCl Unimedic 0.5mg / ml in 20ml is a prescription only medicine and is distributed by TwinPharma BV. Unimedic Pharma AB is the registration holder.

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Order information:

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